Tips for cleaning your best shower head

How to clean handheld shower head?

Our filtration system, in addition to protecting your skin from aggression, reduces the risk of clogging the micro nozzles!

Nevertheless, to simplify your life, Cyclone Shower™ wants you to know this quick and easy tip!

For this you will need :
  • Your best shower head (Cyclone Shower™)
  • 1 container/freezer bag the size of your Cyclone Shower
  • Household alcohol vinegar
  • 1 rubber band if you have a freezer bag

Dismountable: The cyclone shower™ can be completely dismantled to ensure proper maintenance.

Remove the filter beads before immersion in the vinegar!


The 4 steps to follow:

1. Put your nice shower head (any turbo shower head or your Cyclone Shower™) in the chosen container.

2. Fill the container with household vinegar until the Cyclone Shower™ is completely immersed in the vinegar. If you have chosen a freezer bag, close it with the elastic band.

3. Leave to soak for 4-5 hours or overnight. Please do not prolong the immersion if the scale has disappeared to avoid oxydation of the metal parts.

4. Rinse and enjoy!


Thank you for taking care of the Cyclone Shower™!