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Cyclone Shower™ | The Shower Of Secret Sins

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Is there a shower head that increases water pressure? Yes

Bring home the SPA experience with this water-saving pressurized shower head with filtration system and stop button.
Exfoliates and cleanses the skin, keeping it soft and supple for a sex appeal that's always on point! 

Are you eligible for discrete sin?

 Before buying your toy, check at home that the pressure is sufficient, to benefit from this sweet discreet sin!

Measure the flow of water from the tap at the outlet of your shower hose:

Pressure is increased by the micro nozzles of this shower head which decrease the flow of water at the outlet and increase the pressure.
In fact, this shower head helps in case of low water pressure.

 Does this shower head fit in your shower? Yes

This shower head fits specifically to your shower.

Advantages of the Cyclone Shower™

Eco friendly shower head : Ecological & Economic

    Stop buttonHow to turn off handheld shower head? Finally a water stop button at your fingertips!
    No more need to adjust the water several times! So it could be your new high pressure shower head for RV for example. 

    Adjustable pressure: Directly on the handheld shower head, adjust the pressure as to extend the comfort of your bed.

    Micro-Nozzle: The micro-perforation of the head emphasizes the increase of the water outlet speed which makes it a pressurized and economical shower.
    Which allows you to enjoy and save your money.

    A great way to save time, water and money while having fun!

    Eco water SPA shower head : High Pressure
      Micro-nozzle technology: The micro-perforation of the head emphasizes the increase in the speed of the water output, making it a pressurized and economical shower.


      Mechanical exfoliator : This gives you, effortlessly, a natural skin care with every shower! It reduces excess sebum, especially for oily skin.
      Reduces pimples and blackheads. Dead cells are removed, your skin is smoother and brighter.
      Exfoliation promotes oxygenation and tissue regeneration by activating the blood microcirculation.
      Your skin is healthier and therefore more resistant to external aggressions.

      Massages: Take the time to use the Cyclone Shower™ on the tired joints of the day, such as the shoulders and neck.
      Enjoy a scalp massage, leaving the stresses of the day behind!

      Orgasm : Yes, the shower head is the first object that makes us feel the most aroused! And we know why!
      It remains one of the most famous homemade sex toys in the world! Having a hard day?
      An orgasm with such pressure will make you feel blissful and calm! External use only !
      This is the best high pressure shower head handheld for this!


      Practical and precise 

        Classic Design: Flow rate adjustment directly on the handheld shower head and rotation of 360° right left and 50° up and down

        Vintage Design: No flow control and no head rotation 


        Shower head with beads

          Allows the depollution of the water before it touches you, making your skin less attacked by external factors, preserving its softness and elasticity


          Are all the benefits of our pressurized shower head VS a no pressure shower head!

          Looking for the highest pressure handheld shower head? Go for it!